Anton Valley Paradise for health-seekers & naturists

Anton Valley Paradise for health-seekers & naturists


El Valle de Anton (or Anton’s Valley in English) is a tropical paradise unlike any other. Anton’s Valley is a touristy town built inside the lush crater of a dormant super-volcano, one that has been sleeping for over 10,000 years. Although every Panama guidebook correctly states that El Valle is a must-see destination, most have fallen short of conveying the real value of this hidden gem. But many international tourists have visited, and they have indeed found a magical, mystical place that’s almost too good to be true. This small oval-shaped town with a diameter of around 4km has become a permanent home to travelers from more than 25 nations. There are many reasons why this is so. From the year-round spring-like climate (due to its altitude of 600m or 1900 feet above sea level) to its plethora of wonderful restaurants, hotels and spas, to its abundant nature trails and wildlife. El Valle is home to more than 500 species of birds, which is an excellent indication of any town’s natural appeal, since these travelers can choose to live any place they want to–without the need for passports or expensive plane tickets–to pick the best climate, the most comfortable and peaceful surrounding…

El Valle is Paradise on Earth for health-seekers and nature-lovers alike. With eight rivers flowing through the 18 square km crater, you are never far from a scenic trail with breathtaking waterfalls and natural pools. After swimming in the crisp river waters, you can kick back in the warm, mineralized water of El Valle’s public hot springs (“Pozos Termales” in Spanish), which are open to the public every day from around 8 am to around 4:30 pm. (In the Republic of Panama and especially in El Valle, the exact time of day has little or no importance.) Admission only costs $1 per adult or 75 cents for seniors or children. The hot springs are warmed by molten lava from the center of the Earth, brought near the surface through tiny fissures that allow the molten lava to warm and mineralize the underwater rivers flowing under El Valle. (In fact, the public hot springs are not the only hot springs in El Valle. Many private homes have naturally-heated pools in their yards. It is very probable that opening a hole anywhere in the Valley will lead to the discovery of more volcanic hot springs.

In any case, while you are at the public hot springs, make sure you try the volcanic healing clay, which comes from this region, and safely removes toxins and oils from deep within your pores, leaving your skin soft, clean and looking ten years younger.

El Valle has an organic farm, “El Rincon de la Biodiversidad” (The Biodiversity Corner) where you can take a tour and choose your own fresh, delicious vegetables and herbs directly from the soil at an incredibly low price. (Spanish speakers can call Tomas, the owner of the farm at +507 6706-1271.) Speaking of soil, El Valle’s black soil is among the most nutrient-rich soil on Earth. For this reason you will find flowers growing everywhere… every street is lines with pink and red and purple and white bushes called “Veraneras” or “Summer Flowers”.

Since The Valley is nestled inside a Central American rainforest, you can expect that the air is as pure as it gets. Breathing this air will leave you energized, and will help your body’s detoxification process. While you’re here, it is unlikely that you will get sick. But if you do, you will find many great options for restoring your health. El Valle’s medical center is behind the church, and provides emergency medical attention either free of charge or at an extremely low cost. Non-emergency services are also provided, such as professional teeth cleaning for a mere $4.

El Valle is also home to some excellent botanists that can restore your health using medicinal plants. Maria Candelaria is a young 101 years old and still prescribes herbal remedies for almost any type of illness. You can find her at Hostal Cariguana. Maria has no need to use the telephone, but you can call her through her grandson, Esteban, also an herbalist, at +507 6511-8658 or +507 983 6269.

Other hollistic health centers are here, including an acupuncture clinic that is just finishing construction, wellness spas that offer training in nutrition and there is a vegetarian restaurant.

Speaking of restaurants, El Valle is home to more than 20 restaurants, including the mouth-watering Cumana Bistro (+507 6667-5001), Bruschetta Ristorante (+507 6518 4416), plus many more choices to please every palate. It is easy to see why so many people, from so many different cultures, have settled here. El Valle is a Garden of Eden. It is a piece of pure Heaven, here on Planet Earth.