Hot Springs

Anton Valley Hot Springs

with Volcanic Healing Clay

It has been around 5 million years since Anton’s Valley last entered into volcanic eruption. We do not expect another eruption any time soon. But the Valley’s many hot springs are evidence of continuing volcanic activity. The Hot Springs are a naturally-occurring phenomenon. Red hot magma passes through a tiny fissure thousands of kilometers before contacting a subterranean river beneath The Valley. The hot magma mixes with the cold fresh water and produces a warm, therapeutic mineralized water.

Volcanic Healing Clay

Anton’s Valley’s Public Hot Springs provide a rare natural product that treats several skin problems while leaving your face and body perfectly clean and feeling great. two-kinds-of-healing-clay a-woman-covered-in-healing-clay

Medical Info

The mud increases the cells’ water content, cleans pores, eradicates impurities and dead cells, and mineralizes the skin. A mud treatment will leave a cool sensation, due to the energy discharged from the body. The procedure will tone and reactivate the skin’s enzymatic development. The mask will allow the minerals to absorb into the skin.

Minerals present in the mud

mineral content of the thermal waters Minerals present in the medicinal mud: Na Sodium, K Potasium, Ca Calcium, Mg Magnesium, HCO Bicarbonates, SO 4 Sulfates, C 1 Clorures, B Boron, F Fluorine, SO 2 Silica. pH approximately 6.4 Use Instructions: The mud should be used as an exfoliant and facial and body mask. To exfoliate, rub a small amount onto your face or/and body with circular motion, let dry a few minutes, and rinse it off. To obtain a beautiful skin full of vitality year after year, spread mud on the face and the whole body and let dry completely (approx 20 minutes). Oilier skin: use frequently. Drier skin: use occasionally.

Geologic Information

geologic cross section of the volcano

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