Art and History Museum of El Valle Panama

The Art and History Museum of El Valle

The Museum is located on Central Avenue between St. Joseph’s Catholic Church (Iglesia Catolica San Jose), and the public library (biblioteca). The people in charge of the museum are Father Jose Noto (+507 6524-9790). You may also contact Mr. David Rankin (+507 6425-9239 or +507 6072-1839 – Spanish only).

The Museum is divided in five areas:

History and Formation of El Valle Panama

In the beginning, the supercontinent, Pangea, was one large land mass that later separated into the continents, Africa, Eurasia, Oceania, North America, and South America. The region now known as “Central America” was beneath the ocean. Over millions of years, many volcanic eruptions caused several mountains of lava to emerge from the ocean, with Anton Valley being it’s own island at first, and eventually several volcanic islands grew until they touched each other, forming a bridge from North America to South America. The following diagrams show the early formation of Central America. (North and South America appear in red.)

15 Million Years Ago

15 million years ago

6 Million Years Ago

6 million years ago

3 Million Years Ago

3 million years ago

Volcanic Colapse Phenomenon

volcanic colapse phenomenon




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