Hotels and Accommodations

El Valle Panama has 26 choices in accommodations, including 8 Hotels, 2 Spas, 15 Hostels and Cabins and one campground. If you need help deciding which is best for you, please call us at +507 6150-8083.

Hotels in El Valle Panama

HOTEL ANTON VALLEY The Anton Valley Hotel has 9 rooms, a restaurant, a mini-spa, and several value-added services. Its central location is very convenient for travelers, who can easily explore the majority of El Valle Panama’s tourist attractions within a short walk from the hotel. The Anton Valley Hotel is located on El Valle’s Central Avenue, across from the church, the library and the museum, and just a few steps from the public market.

Anton Valley Hotel

HOTEL CAMPESTRE 20 rooms, ranging between $60-$101.75, including breakfast.

CANOPY LODGE 11 rooms $105-$400

canopy lodge  

La Casa de Lourdes 3 rooms from $190.  

HOTEL VALLE VERDE (formerly called Los Capitanes) 13 rooms

HOTEL PARAISO DEL VALLE Natural thermal pool. 12 rooms . $77 for 2 people, $90 for 3-4 people, $110 for 5-6 people.  

HOTEL RESIDENCIAL EL VALLE . 18 rooms $49 – $95.

HOTEL RINCON VALLERO. 14 rooms from $80-$110, including breakfast.


CRATER VALLEY ADVENTURE SPA . Pool, sauna, massage, beauty salon. 8 rooms from $88-$126.


Los Mandarinos Hotel y Spa


Cabañas de Colores

Cabañas Gysell

Cabañas las Mozas

Cabañas Potosi

Cabanas Potosi

Casa di Pietra   6 rooms, between  $80-$120

Casa Mariposa

The Golden Frog Inn  5 rooms $70-$135

Hostal Cariguana

Hostal Cariguana, El Valle de Antón

Hostal La Casa de Juan

Hostal Casa Pueblo

Hotel Don Pepe

Hotel Greco

Park Eden Bed and Breakfast 5 rooms: $60, $85, $95 and one separate 2-bedroom house for  $195, including breakfast.

Los Nance – closed for renovations

Santa Librada


La Casa de Juan  – $5 per person, including access to bathroom, showers with hot water, and wifi Internet.  Tent rentals are available between $5-$20.

Hostal La Casa de Juan