History of El Valle

History of El Valle de Anton

Historia de El Valle de Anton

We are in the process of transcribing the book “History of El Valle de Anton” by Father Joseph Noto. We apologize for the many errors contained in these pages while we work to digitize each of the 315 pages of the famous book. It is extensive work! If you would like to help, you are welcome to!

This work stems from a conversation between Father Joseph Noto, who lives in the Valley for many years and wrote the famous book “History of El Valle de Anton,” and Michael Ducharme, President of the Chamber of Tourism of El Valle de Anton. Michael asked Father Jose Noto “Father, what is the most important message on El Valle de Anton?” And the father replied, “That they continue learning more and more about El Valle, in order to preserve its nature and its history.”

Since the second edition of the book is sold out, and the Father indicated that he would not print another edition, we are making the effort to publish it online, such that all who want to learn about the history of El Valle de Anton may do so through this site, at no cost. Father Noto gave his blessing to the work in progress.

The following is a construction zone. Please do not move forward without a helmet and safety glasses. 🙂