The Legend of The Three Sisters of El Valle Panama

The Legend of The Three Sisters

Legend has it that…
Las Mozas

Three beautiful daughters of an elite Panamanian family were in love with the same man from Penonome. The man found the three sisters beautiful but paid little attention to them, as he was in love with another girl from his town. One Good Friday, the three sisters stood near the enchanting waters of the Anton River. The eldest looked at the pool of flowing water below and realized that happiness was not dependent on a man’s love… “This beautiful water makes me happy,” she thought and she dove in, without fear, filled with glee. The younger sisters noticed the joyful look on their older sister’s face as she plumeted to the water far beneath them. Without a second thought, they took each other’s hand and dove in also.

This particular spot, while extremely beautiful, is much too dangerous for diving. The move these three sisters pulled would have ordinarily resulted in instant death upon crashing into the stones below, or perhaps a sudden concussion and then a drowning. But on this Good Friday the three sisters were saved. The water received them lovingly, keeping them alive until today, where they swim playfully as mermaids, where few humans dare to venture.
Las Mozas Waterfall, Anton's Valley

Getting to The Three Sisters Waterfalls

From the main street, pass the market, the church, and the small bridge, then turn Left. At the following intersection, keep left and continue along 2 more kilometers. Leave your car beside the path and advance on foot. Follow the current of the Anton River past small waterfalls, rock formations and rapids. After walking for about 10 minutes, you will find the first of three waterfalls.
The Three Sisters Waterfall, Anton's Valley
The Three Sisters Waterfall, Anton's Valley
Photos courtesy of: Christian Goldner