Tourist Information

El Valle Panama Tourist Information

Welcome, tourists! Anton Valley (a.k.a. El Valle Panama) is a truly unique destination since it is the world’s only inhabited volcanic crater. It is home to a national park and more than 30 popular tourist attractions, including hot springs, waterfall attractions, animal attractions, a public market, ancient petroglyphs, a mountain shaped like a sleeping indian girl, and plenty of sporting adventure activities. As well, there are 17 beaches within a short drive outside the crater.

Anton Valley is perhaps the best place in the country of Panama for Eco-tourism, and it is fast becoming the #1 destination for wellness tourism. In fact, El Valle is Paradise on Earth for health and wellness-seekers.

With eight rivers flowing through the 18 square km crater, you are never far from a scenic trail with breathtaking waterfalls and natural pools.

After swimming in the crisp river waters, you can kick back in the warm, mineralized water of El Valle’s public hot springs (“Pozos Termales” in Spanish), which are open to the public every day. The hot springs are warmed by molten lava from the center of the Earth, brought near the surface through tiny fissures that allow the molten lava to warm and mineralize the underwater rivers flowing under El Valle. (In fact, the public hot springs are not the only hot springs in El Valle. Many private homes have naturally-heated pools in their . Volcanic Healing Clay

Photo courtesy of: Yoguini Spa

The public hot springs also provide volcanic healing clay that safely removes toxins and oils from deep within your pores, leaving your skin soft, clean and looking ten years younger.

El Valle has an organic farm, “El Rincon de la Biodiversidad” (The Biodiversity Corner) where you can take a tour and choose your own fresh, delicious vegetables and herbs directly from the soil at an incredibly low price.

Air Quality

Since The Valley is nestled inside a Central American rainforest, you can expect that the air is as pure as it gets. Breathing this air will leave you energized, and will help your body’s detoxification process.


El Valle is home to some excellent botanists that can restore your health using medicinal plants. Maria Candelaria is 101-years-young and still prescribes herbal remedies for almost any type of illness. You can find her at Hostal Cariguana or reach her through her grandson, Esteban, also an herbalist, at +507 6511-8658 or +507 983 6269.


The Valley has four spas that offer a variety of hollistic treatments. Yoguini Spa offers healing massages that are effective against a host of problems, be they physical, mental or emotional. Even chronic migraines can be cured in as little as one 2-hour treatment. Crater Valley Hotel and Spa offers healthy outdoor activities like rock climbing and wet rapelling. Cariguana Spa Open as of January 2011, the Cariguana Spa offers accupuncture, shiatsu massage, nutrition training, aura testing using high-tech equipment and more. Los Mandarinos Hotel and Spa offers traditional spa treatments like facials and body wraps.

Nearby Hospitals

The nearest full-service hospitals are in Coronado (newly-constructed San Fernando Hospital, 40 minutes from The Valley), and Penonome (1 hour from The Valley). As well, Panama City has many hospitals including the Johns-Hopkins-Affiliated Punta Pacifica Hospital, at approximately 1 hour, 45-minutes from The Valley. Most surgical and many medical procedures require a recovery period following the treatment, and The Valley is the most ideal place for resting and recovering. Please refer to our list of 25+ accommodations that will be glad to take care of all the details while you recover fully.