Anton Valley Geological Information

History and Formation of El Valle Panama

In the beginning, the supercontinent, Pangea, was one large land mass that later separated into the continents, Africa, Eurasia, Oceania, North America, and South America. The region now known as “Central America” was beneath the ocean. Over millions of years, many volcanic eruptions caused several mountains of lava to emerge from the ocean, with Anton Valley being it’s own island at first, and eventually several volcanic islands grew until they touched each other, forming a bridge from North America to South America. The following diagrams show the early formation of Central America. (North and South America appear in red.)

15 Million Years Ago

15 million years ago

6 Million Years Ago

6 million years ago

3 Million Years Ago

3 million years ago

Volcanic Colapse Phenomenon

volcanic colapse phenomenon

The Crater-Lake

After its last eruption, The Volcanic Rim contained a lake, which drained around 25,000 – 10,000 B.C. into the Anton River. the formation fo the volcanic cauldron

Anton Valley Today

Today, Anton Valley is known as the home of the eternal spring, because of its fresh spring-like climate throughout the year. This town is located on a valley of 18.3kms2 with an elevation of 600mts above sea level and an average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius.

The volcano is dormant and the valley floor is dry, but there s plenty of evidence of this rich history that still remains:

  • a large number of volcanic rocks can be found throughout the entire area
  • several hot springs are heated and mineralized by a small amount of magma, which connects to a subterranean river by a tiny fissure
  • the Valley floor is dry, but if you dig even a shallow hole (one or two feet) you will instantly have a small pond

The Lovers Waterfall

The Written Stone (Petroglyphs)

Among the most outstanding attractions of the region is the Written Stone (La Piedra Pintada in Spanish), located at the foot of The Sleeping Indian Girl Mountain (La India Dormida), where you may find fossils of the first indiginous communities of the area. Engraved in stones, images and other symbols for which meanings have not yet been decifered. la piedra pintada, the written stone, el valle de anton

The Male Falls Chorro El Macho is a spectacular waterfall from the Yellow Stream Quebrada Amarilla with a height of 35 meters, considered to be an ecological refuge due to its exuberant vegetation. Cerro La Vieja is located over the central mountains in the same route to the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, uniting the Escaliche hills with Anton Valley, which represents the maximum ecological promise of Central America since it is the main ecological project for wild life protection of the region.